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We've Moved... To the Basement :)

Updated: May 5, 2022

Escarpeta Artistry Design Studio... and my kiddo :)

October 28, 2018 marks a very special day. On that Sunday, I created the Escarpeta Artistry Design Studio (which sounds very official and exclusive, but it is actually my basement). I am READY to create a new, special vibe in this space as I pursue my passion. Today, as I sit here in Panera, I smile as if my crush just told me they feel the same way, but nope, it's this new studio that has me beaming.

Much research has been performed on creative spaces -- what makes a space conducive to creativity? What elements of interior design can limit creativity? The answers really boil down to whatever works for you. That being said, here are some benefits of my new creative space I can now enjoy:

#1 - It is dedicated! Creating a dedicated space for anything is an act of intention, ambition -- it demonstrates a drive to pursue our most important goals. While in this space, I am in "creation" mode and distractions are minimized because I remove them. Furthermore, I can more easily bring myself into a meditative state of creation because this space is separated.

#2 - It is a blank canvas. This space can be whatever I want it to be. Similar to the rest of my home, it can evolve with me.

#3 - I can create very, very big art.

#4 - Music...

#5 - I have a dedicated sink for paint!

#6- I can hang my flexible camera/iphone tripod from ceiling beams and record as I create.

#7 - If we stay here long enough, my son will have memories in "mom's art studio"

#8 - Did I mention the dedicated sink?? (this is huge)

#9 - Clients, friends and family can visit the studio!

#10 - I've "reclaimed" my dining room table.

Thanks for reading!

J. Escarpeta

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