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Escarpeta Artistry was founded in 2018 to develop and promote healing artwork.  Read more to learn about the artist!

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Artist Statement

A textured exploration of healing through the artistry of vibration.


In the body of work “Limitless Voice”, Jaime records voices and maps them onto her substrate.  Her work can be used to capture the voices of elders and serve as a memory when they move on to become our ancestors.  “Voice, just like everything around us, is a vibration, and it looks and feels a certain way, depending on who is projecting it.”  Jaime Escarpeta’s artistry allows us to experience voice visually, and in keeping with the theme of lines, she uses them to “weave” together unique, multidimensional artworks.

Jaime Escarpeta’s work captures the art of living through textured lines.  Each line represents a different life experience or element.  By using diverse mediums, such as recycled cardboard, thread, wood and copper wire, Jaime offers her expression of jubilant, vibrant times, and harsh and depressing times.  She believes that each element is important for us to fulfill our destiny and divine purpose.  The culmination of the lines in each work represents the beauty of divine order and celebrates all experiences in a melodiously textured finale.

My Story

As a child I was surrounded by the arts regularly and called to lean into my creativity.  I remember laying in bed at night and seeing visions of patterns I had never seen before, feeling the beauty of the gift, but not knowing what to do with it.

When the time came for me to graduate high school, I wanted to be an artist.  I was quickly told that I wouldn't make enough money in the arts and that a degree in advertising or international business and marketing should help satisfy my thirst for creativity.  Although it did not happen exactly that way, as a medical device marketer, I traveled the world, made incredible connections and developed over 30 medical healing devices in 15 years.  It was a cool experience and gratifying to help so many people heal, though from a distance.


In 2018, I began to regularly create a different kind of healing device through art.  As I explored healing practices through meditation techniques, I felt peace and well being come over my life -- spiritual wealth like never before. 

In 2021, I made the decision to relocate to Costa Rica to be closer to our roots and live a simpler way of life.  I now focus on my art full time and will continue to showcase my work internationally.

Follow the journey at my blog, "I Do Lines".  (a play on words 😊)



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