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What is Mixed Media Artwork?

A little Information About The Basics ... A Read for All Ages

Mixed media artistry is any type of artwork that consists of combining multiple forms of art. Mixed media art is often described as the process of combining two or more mediums, to create one piece of artwork. This is how mixed media art is able to set itself apart from other types of art that include one medium.

There are many art forms, from the visual arts such as painting, sculpture and drawing, to the performing arts such as music, theater and dance. A work of mixed media may be created with a combination of techniques and media applied to an object or support that results in a unified whole. Mixed media combines different forms and artistic elements such as painting, drawing, printmaking, installation art, photography and sculpture. In fact, mixed media srt can consist of any combination of art techniques and materials.

Visual Art Methods


Photography is an art form known for its beauty and immediacy. With a camera in hand, you can capture the world around you and show it to others. But, as with most artistic endeavors, a great photo requires careful thought and attention to detail if you want it to be truly memorable.

In my commissioned artworks, photography is used in combination with abstract concepts to create a deeper, personal connection with the artwork. This could mean including a family photo or a photo of a family home.


Sculpture is a form of art that involves the creation of three-dimensional objects such as statues, buildings, and other works of art. Sculpting can be created by hand or using machines like 3D printers. Sculptures are often found in public places like museums or parks where they can be viewed from all sides.

Sculpting can be done with many different materials, including clay, wax, plaster and metal . Sculptors use their hands and tools to shape the material into three-dimensional objects that may be used for decorative art pieces.

In my artwork, I sculpt metals and heavy body paints and pastes to create dimension.


Painting is one of the oldest forms of art and has been around since ancient times. Paintings have been found in caves, rock shelters and on walls throughout time. It was originally used for decoration, storytelling and communication. Today, it has evolved into an art form mostly using acrylic, watercolor variations, or oil paints.

There are many different styles of painting like impressionism, abstract expressionism and realism which each have their own distinct characteristics such as color palette or subject matter depicted within them.

My paintings have two distinct styles, both of which fall under impressionism and abstract expressionism.


Drawing is a great way to express your creativity while also learning how to become more agile with different tools. There are many different types of drawing styles but one thing they all share in common is that they all rely heavily upon practice.

Drawing is great because can be

done with anything from charcoal,

pastels, graphite, and ink, to colored pencils.

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