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Settling In Heredia, Costa Rica, Ciudad de las Flores.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Sebastian and I arrived to Costa Rica on May 30th! We are in the process of getting to know our new home. Here's a taste of our experience, 18 days in.


Calle Barboza

Many, many years ago Señor Jose Angel Barboza Flores was approached about buying some land. He refused to buy it at first, but after much persistence by the seller, he finally said yes.

The paved road and most of the homes were built by that Barboza man and his family. Today, much of the Barboza family, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Aunts, Uncles, remain. Everyone here looks after each other and the land.

Not only is our new home great for the more tranquil life I am seeking, the street welcomed us with a warm embrace. Sebastian made friends right away, a 9 year old girl and 5 year old twins. They don't speak English and Sebastian does not speak Spanish yet, but they have so much fun, nonetheless. A true testimony that we don't always need many words.

Our handyman and landscaper have been my neighbors, Carlos and Jorge. Jorge makes the frames for my artwork (win!). La Dona Aurora introduced me to the local mueblería (furniture store) and home appliance store and makes sure I get good prices while supporting local businesses.

Nuestra Casa (Our Home)

Our house does not have a number. The way I describe my address to people goes something like, "50 meters south of the residence next to those condominiums, 25 meters up the hill, the house with 2 levels on the right hand side." :)

This week I have been warming up our home with affordable artesian furniture made here in Heredia, cotton rugs, home cooked meals, and air dried sheets. I enjoy calling out to my neighbor walking down the street to ask if he wants a plate of food, him eagerly accepting and then sending me a message about how delicious it was.


My art studio is on the side of the house, attached but separate. It is where I will go to work everyday while Sebastian is at school. The first picture I put on the wall is a self-portrait my grandmother had for many years. Her presence reminds me to be a responsible woman of the house despite my free spirit :). So far, my studio only consists of a folding table and some supplies I brought from the US, but the art never stops. Click here to see my first work completed in this house :)

Before I close out...

I do not want to gloss over the not so good-feeling things about this move, so here are some of growing pains, for anyone who is wondering 😂

  • We have "zona verde" (jungle, basically) in our back yard and the house does not have screens on the windows, so flies and mosquitos come right in when the windows are open. Until we get screens, burning citronella incense helps a bit.

  • Ants. I fumigated before moving but we still get big ants who come out to die in plain sight. Everyday I am sweeping up their corpses.

  • It rains everyday in the afternoon, making it a little challenging to go do outdoor stuff with Sebi during what is supposed to be his "summer time".

  • Banks. My closest bank opens at 1PM and you could easily spend 3 hours waiting to get a basic transaction completed (like setting up an account). Poco a poco I've learned, though. Don't go at the end of the month, or on the weekends! 😂

Thank you for following the journey! Sebastian and I are sending you AMOR Y PAZ from Heredia <3

J. Alexandra Escarpeta


The Barboza Family, including its patriarch who established the street, Señor Jose Angel Barboza Flores, was featured on TV many years ago. Enjoy this short video :)

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