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Art That Moves With You

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Art creates experiences. These experiences are composed of 2 perspectives. The first perspective: the artist's. The second: The onlooker's.

Divine Feminine Energy is: Connectedness to the Universe and Truth, Freedom, Growth, Passion. It opens one's heart to empathy and attracts love, and despite the word "feminine" in the name, both women and men can wield this energy.

Allow me to take you on a journey...

Place: Art Studio, Historic Downtown, McKinney, Texas, Church Street

Year: 2021

I'm on the 2nd floor of a building constructed in the 1920s. Aged hardwood floors, white crown molding, antique door locks. It was originally a home built for an artist bride as a wedding gift. Since then, it was a medical office, and after that, hippies lived there. The house just feels good -- a haven for creative energy.

It is the middle of the afternoon in April, and it's hot -- "Texas Hot". My goal is to create a collection of originals based on flow -- the opposite of my usual body of work which is very structured and based on exact proportions. I settle in and meditate on the concept of divine feminine energy, which I am still getting to know.

I welcomed truth and unrestraint, and this is what came out:

The works are on watercolor paper with goauche, ink and acrylic paint. Some include 3D elements like thread and raised paper.

Transformation of the Work:

It was important for me that these designs lived on more than paper, and I wanted a medium that would allow the work to be experienced functionally. The result?

The Divine Feminine Duffle Bags:

Vegan Leather and Waterproof Fabric


Interested in exploring more about Divine Feminine Energy? Check out the below resource. Thank you for reading! Feel free to save/share the article.

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