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Sensual Frequency Art

Couples Commissioned Artwork


Our bodies are healing temples.

When we unite our bodies with another person's whose frequency compliments our own, a balancing, healing process like no other takes place.

The sound of pleasure is a masterpiece between you and your partner.

The experience as a whole, the cerebral chemical reactions, the unmatched synergy that can be achieved without words, is sacred; and when we set aside tension, the throat chakra is naturally exercised, resulting in powerful, necessary release.  


It is never "just sex" if you are doing it right.

The commissioned design reflects you and your partners love-making sounds.  If desired, text, such as wedding vows or other personal messages, can be collaged in the work. 


Visualizing your sensual frequency is a beautiful way to :

Add a unique sensual touch to your space 

Explore creativity with your partner 

Gift creatively!

Commissions are open to all energies.   I look forward to working with you!

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