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" I Am One with the Universe.  I Am Whole.", 2021

I am one with the universe. I am wholeJ. Escarpeta
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I am One with the Universe 32x20.jpeg

The following essay is collaged in around the perimeter of the sound wave.

It is powerful to stand in my truth and even more powerful to stand here knowing I am aligned with something greater than me.  I feel trust and safety -- confidence.  I imagine this is how many people feel about a higher power and their purpose. 


I want everyone to experience creative freedom.  My mother.  My father.  My brother.  My partner and the kids we raise.  I hope my grandmothers and grandfathers experienced it. Everyone.

I am one with the universe.  I am whole. 

What it means to be whole!  To really feel that everything I need, I attract.  Even the arguments, the uncomfortable moments, when I wonder if I made the right choice.  It all plays a part in the big picture and divine order.  To understand that feels powerful.  To have a clear view and knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be is amazing.

I am one with the universe.  I am whole. 

I believe the foundation of the universe is love, so it makes sense that we thrive when we operate from there.  There is a magical love making experience in nature when a seed drops on the ground and water droplets and the sun help it sprout.  There is a magical love 

making experience between everything on this planet and the sun.  After a baby is conceived, there is a love making experience that takes place in a woman’s body.  Our back arches, our pelvic bone expands, our breasts swell, we produce specific hormones, all in preparation for someone else to enter the world. These love making experiences are not to be taken lightly.  Not by me.

And so I let love drive me.

Love inspires me to prioritize self-preservation.  

Love inspires me to love others through loving myself.

Love inspires me to take what I visualize in my mind’s eye and create it with my hands.

Love inspires me to be resilient and grateful.

I am one with the universe.  I am whole.


J. Alexandra Escarpeta 

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