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Celestial, 2019


Celestial is a work about appreciating divine order.  Each line represents a different experience in life.  Individually, it may be difficult to appreciate them, but when we look at them all together, we see the beauty of life.


The creation of this work alone was an trialing effort that resulted in a very special piece. There is a key point at which the burlap should be cut away from the wood (while a good balance of moisture from the adhesive still remains). However, I allowed the work to fully dry and it was extremely difficult to remove the burlap where you see lines today.  It took a new method of carving to achieve the desired effect.  In the end, the additional texture created by carving the wood added dimension that reflects light off of the piece in a subtle and satisfying way. Hence, the name, Celestial.

Due to the variation of colors, this work will work on any color wall and draw out whatever colors are in the room it is mounted in.  



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