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48 x 48 inches, work on canvas, acrylic, recycled cardboard, oil pastels, newspaper print with essay by artist, oil paint (lines of sound wave), alcohol based ink, gouache.

"I Find Peace in Trusting Myself",2022


The following text is collaged inside of the artwork:  I find peace in saying exactly how I feel. My health -- body, mind and spirit thrives when I flow with my natural vibration.  The opposite occurs when I don't.  So I won't linder in an abyss of trying to please everyone.  I have boundaries and those boundaries are not for everyone to like.  Like the alkaline way, they help me fulfill my divine purpose, even if I can't see it at first.

The mediums are oil paint, acrylic, oil pastel, newsprint paper, gouache, ink, recycled cardboard, silver leaf and acrylic marker.


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