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"¡Atraigo y fluyo en abundancia de amor!", 2022

I Am Full of Life. I Am PresentJ. Escarpeta
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The following guided meditation is collaged inside of this artwork:

Creation.  This land gives us life.  What happens when people don’t see that is they become over absorbed in things that humanity created, and rely on those things as if their lives depended on it.  When in reality, their lives depend on the earth.


Guided meditation:

As you look at this painting, take yourself to a jungle, in whatever region of the world you wish to go to.  Imagine the sounds. Smell the humid air and feel the sun on your skin as you breathe deeply. 


Now, you start to rise and take flight above the trees.  Feel the palms brush against you as you elevate over the trees.  Blue sky.  Cumulus clouds.  Higher, higher.  You’re not afraid because you know it is a divine calling for you to see this. To the right, you see mountains covered in deep green hues.  Rolling hills of trees that give nourishment and homes to an abundance of life.  To the left, you see brilliant, sparkling water that never stops.  Scattered clouds give it their shadow, creating divine artwork that will only be experienced by the eye in that way once in all of time.  And you saw it.  How lucky are you. 


Filled with love, gratitude and an overwhelming need to cry, you let it out.  You close your eyes, open your arms and heighten your sensation to the vibrations around you.  That sweet breeze.  The pink sun on your face.  


You open your eyes, and you are on the sand.  Appreciating the sound of the waves, small and large, a smile tells the water you’re grateful.


J. Alexandra Escarpeta 

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