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Dear Sista,


I am so glad we are meeting here.  Here is my message just for you.

Who defines perfect?  Who defines good enough? You do!

Remember that you are a beautiful creation.  

You are love.   You are light.


You are EVERYTHING you are supposed to be, right here and right now.

And I love you.

This work is the first of the Limitless Soul Collection, before I moved on to creating works on wood paneling with different textured materials.  The lines and  other design elements are not as defined as some of my later works, and I remember being concerned if people would like the rice paper texture on their walls at home.   I reasoned not putting the work on my website or instagram for fear that people would say I am not good enough.  How many times do we do that to ourselves?

My artistic journey has led me here, where I can unapologetically and non-conformingly stand in my truth.  I am so glad we are meeting here.  I am grateful at the chance to affirm your beautiful spirit through this artwork.


Your Sista

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