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I pull from my ancestral well

Jesse - Ancestral WellJaime A Escarpeta
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My beautiful people!  


When did you realize the power you have through your ancestors?  How do you experience your ancestral power?

Queen.  Is it your ability to lead, heal and nurture others while you are in hardship, then look back and think… how did I do that? Is it your ability to be resourceful and creative?  Is it the knowing in a look from a sister that says, “I see you”?

King.  Is it your voice and wisdom combined that gives rise to respect and honor?  Is it the pride you feel when you see another brother elevated and in his peace?

 Is it that your heart gravitates to uplift young black men and women?  Is it the knowing in a look from a brother that says, “I see you”?

My Sister.  My Brother. YOUR BENEFITS ARE INEXTINGUISHABLE AND THEY ARE HERE FOR YOU TO TAKE.  Your benefits are inextinguishable.  THEY ARE HERE FOR YOU TO TAKE.  They rest inside a well that only you can pull from.  My well is full of treasures that pays forward to me, my family and my community.  My artistry, my body, my mind.  The way I make love to my husband in mind body and soul.  The way I connect creatively to the universal order of things.

So breathe.  You have a safe space inside your very own ancestral temple.  You are loved beyond measure!  You are the hopes and dreams of your ancestors.  Meditate on this beautiful news!  Be glad and create knowing your purpose is greater than you will ever know.

There is a calm that comes over me when I sit in silence.  That calm wasn’t always there, but I am reclaiming my glory, and doing so requires mental space to sit with ideas and feel on a cellular level that I am limitless.  No longer living in fear of an unknown because my clear-headed mind gravitating toward that unknown IS my ancestral power telling me, there is abundance there.  Go there.  Create, dive, go deeper into that forest, swim, sunbathe, create unapologetically.  Never stop.

Be at peace.  Exist on earth as if you were beyond this flesh.  Beyond these distractions.  Beyond good, beyond bad.  Beyond mediocre and greatness.  Just be!

You were made to create.

These hands are gifted.  

This mind is a gift.

My beautiful black man.

You were made to create.

Your voice is a gift.  Your mind is a gift.

So when you create boundlessly during your time here on earth, then ascend to your greatness in that high place, you leave behind your TRUTH.  
Let’s ask ourselves, do we really want to leave anything else beyond our TRUTH here???

I prefer to be limitless and be light.So my task as a mother, partner, friend, family member, associate, is to continue my personal journey of truth and in doing so, help others do the same so that we may leave TRUE WEALTH to those who will experience our spirit.  When we do this, we will truly honor those who came before us at a cellular level. We are ALIVE.  We are ALIVE!  So be all you want to be in this very moment.  Love yourself.  Love others through loving yourself.      `

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