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Hurricane Relief Efforts in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

In September 2017, 115 mph winds hit Puerto Rico sweeping from the southeast coast and north, leaving a trail of destruction.  Following the hurricane, the first homes to be repaired and regain functionality were located in the wealthier, touristic areas, while poor families, or families living in the countryside went without running water or light for 10 months or longer.  

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The first place the hurricane hit was the municipality of Yabucoa, where relief efforts are still taking place to help restore lives.  Many homes still have leaks, mold, and other interior damage resulted from Hurricane Maria.

All Hands and Hearts is a volunteer organization working in Yabucoa to restore homes.   

  • When you purchase Escarpeta Artistry pieces, a portion of the proceeds goes toward this impactful organization, specifically to the Yabucoa site.

  • You can donate directly to All Hands and Hearts at this link.

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