Orginal Paintings
Left Brain Works

IMG_2534 2.HEIC
IMG_2534 3.HEIC
IMG_2534 4.HEIC

"Hojas de Protección" 2022

I Am Fulfilling My Divine Purpose.JPG

"I Am Fulfilling My Divine Purpose." 2022

I Find Peace in Trusting Myself.JPG

"I Find Peace In Trusting Myself." 2022

I Attract and Flow in An Abundance of Love.JPG

"I Attract and Flow in an Abundance of Love." 2022

Dear Universe.jpg

"Dear Universe..." 2021

I Am One with the Universe 32x20-web.jpg

"I Am One with the Universe.  I am Whole." 2021


"I Honor The Divine Energy..." 2021


"Journey Together" 2021